Bebita Ndongo Macias

Bebita Ndongo Macias

She is a multi-talented award winning woman. She is a talented actress and model. She also recently published herself as an Author.


Bebita Ndongo Macias is an Equatoguinean-Spanish actress. After making her debut in showbiz in the family band, HISPAFRIC, she has appeared in numerous commercials, T.V. shows, and movies nationally and internationally.


As a model, Bebita Ndongo Macias is hard to define. Based in the U.S. and Europe, she has done various shoots from beauty, conventional commercial, alternative, cosplay, and more. Adding to her unique vibe, Bebita has worked with many indie photographers and retailers. She is ready to work with big fashion houses and brands


Though known by her stage name, I.W.Fredd is a multi-genre author and artist. She will make her debut with her romantic comedy novel Crazy Little Love Story.


Bebita Ndongo Macías is an upcoming participant in the Miss Africa Utah pageant 2022 as Miss Guinea Ecuatorial.

Career Overview

My Upcoming Book

Crazy Little Love Story

Katie Holms is a small-town girl with a simple dream: meet the love of her life and confess her feelings. The only complicated part about it is that the love of her life is pop star Eden Sioux, a member of the famous boy band, Alpha Centauri. Though she gets to meet him, he leaves her in a hospital room at the mercy of her mother with nothing but an unpromising goodbye note. Katie believes this is definitely the end of her love affair. That is, until her mother takes a trip to Europe for the summer, leaving Katie in the hands of a distant relative she hasn't spoken to in nine years. Katie discovers that this relative is a choreographer for none other than Alpha Centauri. Does Katie have another chance to confess her love to Eden or is this another chance for utter disaster?

I.W Fredd

About Me

“Bebita Ndongo Macias, aka I.W.Fredd, is an actress, author, cosplayer, and model from La Republica de Guinea Ecuatorial. Though born in Madrid, Spain, she grew up in Salt Lake City, UT, and made her debut in showbiz with the family band HISPAFRIC. As an entertainer, she accredits her mother’s endless encouragement and nurturing for her adoration of all art forms. When not entertaining, Bebita enjoys watching anime, traveling, baking, and drawing.

bebita ndongo macias

Actor, model and author 

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